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Speak English everyday and without fear- Don't worry about mistakes.  If you wait to be a perfect English speaker, you'll be too old to enjoy speaking.  Google "English speaking" and find sites that you can repeat.  Speak out loud, not silently.  Read a book with your voice, not only your eyes.  Listen, speak, and repeat.  Talk to your mirror in English.  Practice using your English muscles every day.

Listen to native English speakers as much as possible - Listen to the music of the language, the pronunciation, stress, and rhythm.  Listening is really important.  Listen to the radio, TV, and to conversations in restaurants, shops, and at work. 

Watch English Movies and Television -
This is a good way to expand your vocabulary - use the subtitles - and listen to the patterns of pronunciation.  Use websites such  that allow viewers to stop and review the video.

Take Free Lessons on the Internet - There are hundreds of free English lessons on the internet.  Just "google" what you want to learn.  Also, there are teachers on youtube that give pronunciation, vocabulary, listening and grammar lessons.

Practice English a little every day
It's better to practice your English for a short time each day than a lot only once a week.

Don't worry about grammar so much -  It's good to study grammar, but don't let it stop you from speaking.

Do your homework - The extra practice will help you remember what you learned in class. 

Take Tests - There are many free tests and practice exercises on the Internet.  It's a good way to see if you are improving.  Just google "English grammar" or "ESL grammar tests" as an example.

Listen to ESL practice sites - There are many free sites where students can listen to an audio and answer questions.  Google  "English listening" or "American English listening."

Record yourself speaking - Listen to an audio site, then record yourself saying the same sentence.  Compare your pronunciation to the audio pronunciation.  Does it sound the same?

Enjoy Learning English - Have fun and try to have a positive attitude about learning.  Smile and laugh and make mistakes.  It's okay.  Remember, you'll improve with practice and patience. 

Read some tips on how you can improve your English speaking and listening.