Students can receive a discount for prearranged absences, only at registration time.  Please contact the teacher at for information.  After registration, there are no discounts or makeup days for absences. 

Each class requires a minimum of 4 students.  If there are less than 4 students, the teacher may ask the students if they would prefer a shorter class or to cancel it. 

There are no makeup classes for acts of nature (power outages or bad weather).  The teacher may offer a skype class if the weather is very bad and no one wants to drive to class. 

Each student will be given a written receipt on the first day of class that can be used for company reimbursement.

Babysitting fees can NOT be included in the class fee receipt.  The babysitting money goes directly to the babysitters, and the teacher does not profit from babysitting.  The babysitting fee should be paid in cash and separated from the class fee.