Current Tutoring Openings


Lesson Openings:

(Updated May 1, 2020)

Monday:  10:30,   2:00(14:00),  3:00(15:00),  

Tuesday:  11:00, 2:45 (14:45),  4:30 (16:30)

8:00pm(20:00)   [Starting June 2,  7:00(19:00) will be available]

Wednesday:  4:00(16:00),  5:00 (17:00)

7:00pm(19:00),  8:00pm (20:00)

Thursday:  11:30, 4:30pm (16:30), 8:00pm (20:00)

Friday: 11:00,  4:00(16:00) 

Saturday:  4:30pm(16:30)    [Starting June 6,   9:00 will be available]

Sunday:  1:00pm(13:00)

If there is a specific day/time you need that is not available, please send an email.  The teacher may be able to change her schedule for the time you want.

Students can also request to be placed on a cancellation list.  The evening and Saturday students are business people.  Sometimes, they cancel because of business trips and meetings.  In this situation, other students can take a lesson for $40 each time.